How to tell if someone is lying to you

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    I rarely, ok have never, seen this played out in 'real life', so I was a bit shocked to see it in Celebrity Juice***

    On this episode, it has Judge Rinder, a proper barrister (lawyer) in his own right and he plays his english barristeriness to the hilt to good comic effect. He's also good friends with Benedict Cumberbatch.

    to explain what is going on in the Celebrity Juice*** episode

    1. a little NLP info about eye movements
    2. a youtube clip showing how this aspect of NLP works in practice
    3. the Celebrity Juice clip (SE14E5)***

    1. a little NLP background how it works stuff

    This part of NLP (eye movements) in a nutshell from nlp secrets

    "The first sign is the eyes.

    When the brain is "creating a picture" the eyes instinctively move up and to their right (your left), signifying access to the right hemisphere (creation) and visual cortex (pictures). This usually means they are constructing a picture in their head.

    If someone is recalling a picture (remembering something that they actually saw) then they would look up and to their left (your right)."

    The above example is if you are right handed, left handed people, just change left for right and visa versa. If you are a lefty turned righty in childhood or a little ambidextrous the rules are a little less fixed (from personal experience).

    2. the youtube clip showing how this aspect of NLP works in practice

    3. the Celebrity Juice clip (SE14E5)***

    What was interesting about the Celebrity Juice*** clip is that Judge Rinder didn't rely on trying to work out left or right handedness, but by asking a question that requires a person to access deep memory. This might not work for someone who lies about everything, then you would always be best to check handedness.

    You could see how Gino 'looked' in his memory banks and then you compare that to how he answered other questions.
    To avoid the really bawdy bits or at least reduce the amount to a 5 minute clip, skip to 27.27

    I would have thought any law enforcement would have had nlp training. This eye accessing, its very primitive and quite difficult to disguise.

    ***Celebrity Juice is NSFW in any way. the whole episode. every episode. Some things cant be unseen. some things cant be some countries this program probably comes under the heading of corrupting public morals. you have been warned. I can't pretend I don't find the program funny though.
    If you are under 18 and interested in NLP, you could start here to get an idea and get a book on the subject on amazon. You don't need to pay a fortune to 'get it'. They are simple concepts.
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