Gluten Free Bread Cakes and Cookies in Switzerland

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    Pre-made specialty gluten-free bread is a little expensive, 13.00-20.00 chf/kilo, its often ok but not really that ooh aah.

    Normal nonfancy gluten-free bread is about 10,00 chf/kg

    Surprisingly, the normal/nonfancy Migros Alnavit bio gluten and lactose free are 10,00 chf/kg, so you get bio quality for the same price as Coop Schar or Migros Aha normal/nonfancy bread.


    My favourite pre-made gluten free bread so far is the Migros Alnavit toasty buns.

    You can make a nice hamburger with them,
    they are bio,
    not a lot of ingredients,
    no lactose either,
    no strange after taste,
    nice texture,
    toast perfectly,
    not super expensive,
    13,00 chf/kilo.


    I've had the

    Aldi white bread slices - 7,00 chf/kg
    quite ok

    Aldi bauern brot - ? chf/kg
    nice texture, nice size, but funny aftertaste and a bit expensive for that.

    Coop Schar (i think) baguettes - 18,00/kg
    quite ok, made a nice hamburger/sandwhich, would go well with a big sausage too.

    Coop Schar Ertha Bread - 10,00 chf/kg
    Didnt really like, got a little reaction to it.

    Cakes & cookies

    The cakes and cookies are generally nice but they put too much of a premium on them 29,00 chf/kg, so worth trying to figure out how to make them yourself.

    To give a price perspective you can buy meat for that price, the local coop had Natura MuterKuh beef 22,00 chf/kilo aktion this week.

    Migros 2 little chocolate cakes - 22,00 chf/kg
    pretty nice, scoffed them both, so nice being single.

    Aldi marmor cake - ? chf/kg
    really pretty nice, never managed to keep any for the next day and I bought quite a few of them.

    Coop Schar chocolate chip cookies -
    very nice, just the right size to pop them one after the other in you mouth until you realize they are all gone, could not bring myself to share one with my dog.

    Migros Alnavit Chocky wafers - 29,00 chf/kg
    nicer than the orange cookies, bio, no lactose,
    not worth 29 franks per kilo though and way over packaged

    Migros Alnavit orange jaffa cakes - 29,00 chf/kg
    gummy, sad because I love a jaffa cake, buy if you are desperate.
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