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    After chocolate chip cookies, I like bagels. sprinkled with sesames, topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese, nom nom as they say, so its only natural I'm going to try to make a gluten free version. It came down to how long can you live without a bagel? It appears about 6 months.

    Here is what normal bakingwithgluteniseasypeasy bagels look like.


    nice, all is right in the universe.

    Here is how the gluten free version went.

    I used Schar gluten free bread mix, it gets good reviews on amazon


    I followed, in a fashion (eyeballed it a bit), the bread making instructions on the back and I let the yeast do its work by leaving it on a hotspot on the under floor heating overnight. This is loosely following the artisnal bread (bagels in this case) in 5 minutes or New York no knead bread method. Both just let the yeast do the work overnight, yay, this works great! with gluten flours.


    I was a bit apprehensive about the flour being able to hold air bubbles, so in the morning was not expecting much and had a plan b of gf oatmeal, I was pretty pleased when I saw the yeast had worked with the gums in the flour and poufed up to a little less than twice its size! to create air spaces, the same ones you get with gluten, so pleased, all sorts of successful baking possibilities were dreamily perused in my mind. and hope, so much hope, this experiment might work after all was entertained.


    The dough is very loose, you may be able to see its moussey quality from the empty bowl, I used wet hands to scoop it into the boiling water.


    Now most people expect a hole in the middle of a bagel, if thats you, consider yourself 'normal', i was once too, its ok, in this case you would have had to fashion moussy dough into a ring with a hole in the middle, requiring you to be a magician.

    Here are the 'bagels' plopped into the boiling sugar water,


    here they are a minute or s0 later


    You are probably thinking, Christ that can happen?, really, things can go downhill so fast!? Hope can turn into fantasy just like that? yes, with gluten free flour it can.

    Anyway I thought just soldier on, see what baking does to it ('it' not intentionally being pejorative, more sub-conscious).



    The end result, gummy in a dim sum sort of way 'bagels'


    So.. what to do with the information from this little experiment?

    The original dough was more than I had expected, it pretty much far exceeded my expectations. I couldnt believe it worked!

    I'm going to try to make normal bread with it. I hink the boiling was just too much for the dough to handle. And i'm going to try it with some extra brown rice flour since the gummyness of the bagels is hinting the schar gf flour might be able to handle it.

    I'm actually a little excited that I might be able to make bread with this flour!

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