Field Marshal Montgomery - his memoirs

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    so far i'm loving it.

    the introduction is a jewel

    Every word of the book was written in the first instance in pencil in my own handwriting. That being done, and the chapters typed in turn, they were read by three trusted friends whose opinions I value. The chapters were re-drafted by me in the light of their comments and suggestions. Finally, the complete book was read through by the same three, for balance and accuracy.

    Chief among the three was Brigadier E. T. Williams, Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford frequently referred to in the book as Bill Williams. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for the time he gave to reading and comment.

    Next was Sir James Grigg, also referred to in the book; his comments and suggestions were invaluable. And last was Sir Arthur Bryant; this great historian gave much of his time to reading the chapters.

    To these three I extend my grateful thanks.

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