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How To Help:


Would you like to help Museum Angel?

Here's how you can help.
  • Add your museum to Museum Angel when the Museum Manager under 'Members'.
  • Help by managing your museum on Museum Angel.
  • Offer pictures for some of the historical themes, for example, American Indian, African American, Ancient Greece.. etc.
  • Share Museum Angel website.
  • Link from your site to Museum Angel.
  • Join the Forum to dicsuss anything and everything to do with managing a museum. Topics could be discussing ideas for promoting your museum, childrens programs ideas, pr initiatives, website advice etc.
  • Suggest what you want to see.
  • Suggest how to improve the site. I love beautiful things and recognise beauty in all sorts of things but I'm no designer, so if you have design ideas for the site let me know. I can probably manifest it.
  • Throw some money my way via the PayPal button.